Fall 2021 SPREADING HOPE Campaign

Launched! Our Fall 2021 fund-raising effort with a goal of raising $10M for expansion

HOPE investigators and partners are aiming high!
In Fall 2021 we are working to raise $10M which would allow us to move discoveries into action!
Funds raised would allow us to continue to partner with pregnant people to better understand how they are feeling during these trying times and to work together to find solutions to get to Healthy Outcomes of Pregnancy for Everyone.
This funding would also help us build a new digital paltform, called HOPE ACT, which would be used to establish a community-based navigator program that would provide counseling and outreach to pregnant people based on their wants and needs. Examples of personalized outreach includes, for example, connecting pregnant people who have expressed challenges with respect to housing and food with resources and connecting those with mental health needs with care programs and professionals. 
By nesting these efforts in the existing HOPE study platform, investigators would be positioned to study how this platform is or is not impacting adverse pregnancy and infant outcomes and to use state of the art research, data, and digital tools to understand patterns and create new and more impactful, interventional approaches.
For more information, please read our more detailed funding letter HERE.


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