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In 2020 the Healthy Outcomes of Pregnancy for Everyone (HOPE) Study was launched to better understand the impact of stress and anxiety during and after the pandemic on adverse pregnancy and infant outcomes including, for example, on miscarriage, preeclampsia, preterm birth, developmental delay, and infant mortality.
The study is led by investigators across the University of California system and US (with a home based at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF)) and includes researchers, public health professionals, community members, community-based organizations, and private companies from across California, the US, and world. Deep partnerships exist between HOPE and a number of prestigious research efforts including the UCSF California Preterm Birth Initiative (PTBi-CA), the SACRED Birth Study, the San Diego Study of Outcomes in Mothers and Infants (SOMI), the Benioff Center for Microbiome Medicine (BCMM), the UCSF Derisi Lab, and the Newborn Brain Research Institute (NBRI).
HOPE study efforts have been highlighted in the Atlantic, the New York Times, and on MSNBC.
We have learned a great deal about the deep levels of stress and anxiety being experienced by pregnant people during the pandemic. We know stress and anxiety can increase risk for adverse pregnancy and infant outcomes and that support can help lesson this risk. We are also learning more about how infection and immune function may impact these relationships. These learnings have the potential to impact and improve pregnancy and infant outcomes for decades to come – for all but especially, for those who are already at increased risk for adverse outcomes – namely Black, Brown, and low income pregnant people.
The HOPE Study has launched a 2022 FUNDS FOR HOPE CAMPAIGN. Funds raised by the campaign will allow the study to include more participants - particularly those who are Black, Brown, and/or low-income, increase investigation into environmental and biological factors that increase or decrease risk for adverse outcomes, and launch a digital platform for researchers, providers, and expectant and new mothers to partner and share information. These funds would also help us develop and test new personalized and precision-health focused interventions that support the needs of each pregnant person and focus on decreasing risk and increasing protection against adverse pregnancy and infant outcomes - moving us towards Healthy Outcomes of Pregnancy for Everyone.
We have established a donor giving portal for anyone interested to donate. Every dollar helps. You may give directly through the portal for giving or contact investigators at HOPE.UCSF.edu or the primary investigator, Dr. Laura Jelliffe-Pawlowski, PhD ([email protected]) if you would like to get more details or explore a donation.


Thank You Everyone!